Purchasing Expired Film: Hit or Miss?

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If you’re anything like me, you do a daily Ebay hunt to get those super deals from unsuspecting sellers who may not know how much the item they are selling is really worth.

From time to time, i truly strike GOLD and come across things I’ve been searching for for a long while AT CRAZY PRICES.

One of my most frequent searches is film, either 35mm or 120, since this is primarily what I shoot.

Recently, I came across not just one but TWO deals on film..my luck was on fire..or at least i was thinking this when i purchased the items.

There was only one catch with both films, they were both expired…


My Experience with the Yashica Mat TLR 124G

The Streets

You know..i gotta tell you that this was probably the funniest time out on the streets with a cam due to most people really NOT KNOWING WHAT THE HELL IT WAS THAT I WAS HOLDING lol

They would just see two huge lenses and see me looking down at the viewfinder and think nothing of it

Little did they know i was actually focusing in on my subjects