Tough Decisions Towards Better Photography

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Good morning, afternoon and evening everyone!

Hope all is well with you all

I have a very interesting circumstance to speak to you about

The first couple of months of this year have been a bit hectic for me

My birthday passed, i took a break from shooting film, i finally got settled in at my new home, moved some stuff around at job and worked on some things with family

And also….sold off all my digital photography gear..

Yep, you read it right, i sold ALL my digital camera gear

You may be thinking “Didn’t you say you took a break from film?” “Huh??”

Yes, but I decided to sell anyways…

Well.. truthfully i traded it ALL in for ONE digital camera

Before i reveal what camera that was, I’d like to explain a bit of why i made this decision

Firstly, i loved the Sony A7II, i loved the Fuji Xpro1 (i had the XPro2 for a short time but honestly i loved the XPro1 more, maybe i will explain in a future post) and i loved the classic gem (in my opinion) Leica M8

These systems were all great to me, they were part of my growth not only as a street photographer but as a photographer overall

I cannot tell you enough about how ANYONE would be happy with these cameras (and how nuts it felt making this decision)

Great lenses, great sensors, great image quality, etc… it goes on and on

In my case though, it was a bit different.

I know I’m fortunate to have just ONE of these cameras and the gear needed to use them. Here I am with multiple ones…I won’t forget how lucky I am to have experienced each camera and it’s shooting, and imagery and feel..

For me it wasn’t like with film, I generally already have an idea of what will be used before i begin any type of work with film

But with digital photography, it was different, I may not do a good enough job of explaining this but lets just say it took up extended amounts of time of the creative process

So there i was, coming to this conclusion after much thinking at home. I knew something had to be done

If you’ve been a long time reader of this blog, you might already know that I’m a huge rangefinder fan

I own a couple medium format and 35mm rangefinder film cameras that i shoot regularly and some i have spoken about here on this site

My thoughts quickly went to the reason why i chose the Sony A7II, the Fuji XPro series and also the Leica M8 in the first place..

In all honesty, concerning the Sony and Fuji bodies, i purchased them trying to find a way to shoot a digital somewhat-rangefinder body that didn’t break the bank by purchasing adapters and/or similar lenses for multiple systems and then trying to make myself satisfied with that..but you know what? I wasn’t really satisfied. I had already started off at the wrong mindset

Additionally, it made a dent in the pockets!

Now I’m not taking ANYTHING away from the Leica M8, it’s a digital rangefinder. I love the image quality (especially in black and white) but the semi-loud shutter (more distracting to me than anyone else) and also, the files were super small which limited some post processing depending on what one would want to do with them in post. A couple other issues here and there solidified my decision to sell that as well ( I had problems with certain SD cards)

So as i was looking around the web, i came across an incredible deal on Adorama’s site..

My eyes lit up when I saw the deal

It was for what i was looking for..

It was a digital camera

It was a rangefinder

Quiet shutter reminiscent of the current Leica film bodies that I’ve had experience with and own

So yes,…I traded it all in, and i have to tell you, i have not looked back since i made the decision

Am i going to miss the great functions that my previous cameras had? Sure

But were they what i felt most comfortable with shooting? No

Did i really need those additional functions on the Sony and Fuji to improve my photography? No, though i may have convinced myself i did a bit

So i made the leap and traded all of my digital gear (bodies, lenses, flashes, etc) for one system

One that i trusted in because it relies more on me than relying on tech

I am now working solely with a Leica M system for digital work

Street Photography, Portraiture, Landscape, Art Photography, Flash Photography, etc. will all be done using the Leica M 262

Am i nervous about this big move? Absolutely

Am i equally as excited about this as well? Absolutely

I hate that i wasted time on systems that would’ve been better off in someone else’s hands

I don’t want this post to appear like a bashing of my previous gear. I just want you to know that those cameras were AWESOME and they serve their purposes for sure

So,.. back to the rangefinder stuff

Leica is the only player in the game as far as digital rangefinders in 35mm (it’s a monopoly and not fair honestly because they are the only option)

Maybe Fuji can come back into Rangefinder land one day? 🙂 Well we can hope

So what were my first thoughts upon shooting the M262? felt like something I’ve been shooting for years and years

I’m going to be doing lots of work with this camera and I’m very much looking forward to this venture

This should be the last digital camera that i purchase for a VERY long time as i’m going to focus on more film based projects

So without further delay, I’d like to share some images that i took when i first purchased the camera

This is what i’m used to

This style of focus and composing is what i’m comfortable with

I’m glad i made the leap even though it hurt a part of my soul at first haha

Thank you for reading

Now it’s time to go SHOOOOOTTTTT


4 thoughts on “Tough Decisions Towards Better Photography

  1. These photos are awe-inspiring! Please post some more Leica shots when you can! I dropped by this site after looking up Canon A-1 photos as I’m looking to get one before getting deeper into digital photography. Awesome shots!

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