My Experience with the Yashica Mat TLR 124G

The Streets

You know..i gotta tell you that this was probably the funniest time out on the streets with a cam due to most people really NOT KNOWING WHAT THE HELL IT WAS THAT I WAS HOLDING lol

They would just see two huge lenses and see me looking down at the viewfinder and think nothing of it

Little did they know i was actually focusing in on my subjects

I did though catch some looking 🙂

I gotta admit, changing film on the fly can be a bit of a task when you’re running around in the streets but i kinda like the way this camera loads more than a bunch of others i’ve gotten my hands on.

This camera was first released in 1957 and works with an amazing leaf shutter (You can barely hear when the picture is being taken)

This actually works well for when you are taking pics with slow shutter speeds, the shutter being so light and quiet minimizes camera shake.

Though for most of these shots i used the good ole fashioned “Sunny 16 Rule“, i did also use the built in Light Meter for some others.

I got one in excellent condition thankfully and has really held up well.

I really love the look and feel of this camera, the lens is pretty damn sharp too!

Special shoutout to the people over at Lomography NYC (some of those hipsters actually know what the hell they’re talking about!) for developing my rolls and also for HOOKING ME UP WITH AN EXTRA EMPTY SPOOL lol

When i purchased the Yashica, it actually didn’t come with an empty one within.

This is needed to reload the camera with film when you’ve completed a roll.

Here’s a vid with a bit of a better explanation:

So are a few more pics of my first venture with the Yashica Mat 124G TLR and really my first time shooting 120!

Hope you enjoy and trust me..this is only the BEGINNING


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