Finally! Caffenol CL 

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Ladies and Gentlemen and all readers of this blog, I finally decided to do it

You’ve probably already read a previous post where I mention this very dedicated group of individuals who use Coffee to develop film (more accurately Coffee, Vitamin C and Washing Soda)

If you’d like to catch up by reading that previous post, here is the LINK

After some searching on the inter webs, I located the holy grail for all things Caffenol,

It’s chock full of recipes, tips, and other great resources

There are various formulas with different dilutions and also added components such as salt, or potassium bromide

One of the things you will come across after navigating through it is this chart

This explains the 3 main recipes used for developments using Caffenol, complete with speeds of film and agitation instruction

I’m also fortunate to be a part of an amazing Caffenol Facebook group. The work that I see from some of the photographers there using these formulas is breathtaking to say the least.

They’ve been amazingly helpful for any questions I had

This has quickly became my favorite developer at the moment and I HIGHLY recommend any do-it-yourself folks like myself to try it

So without further delay I’d like to show you some of my results

All of these images were developed using the Caffenol CL formula above

Honestly, all of my other developers will continue to sit on the least until I get bored with it or I run out of coffee!

You can view more of my Caffenol experimentation on my Flickr album HERE

Hope you enjoyed the blog post everyone

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me or contact the great folks over in the Facebook group i linked above

As always, hope all is well and KEEP SHOOTING


Shoutout to my new buddy Frank Rentas, he’s a film photographer from New Jersey like myself. Be sure to go check out his blog as well



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