How the Fuji XPro1 Slowed Me Down..

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Hi Guys,

Hope all is well out there with you all in Internet Land

I’m writing this now to speak to you about 2 things:

One being my recent decision to move on from Micro 4/3rd Photography, and the other my experience with the Fuji XPro-1

Yes I’ve moved on from the Panasonic Lumix GX7 and the system i had put together

So just to begin with the Micro 4/3rds part of the like to say these things:

  • The lenses are some of the best I ever used
  • The cameras are super fun and AWESOME to shoot
  • Very compact and slick design for the most part
  • Quick autofocus that competes with cameras that are way more expensive

But I’m not going to lie..the system was a bit limiting..At least for me it was after a while of use in varying conditions

I started to see pretty bad low light performance from the system compared to APSC and Full frame sensors.. (at least with the Olympus EP and Panasonic GX series cams i owned and used)

It’s actually pretty surprising because I never noticed how much I do shoot in low light

So basically this began the wheel turning in my head concerning if I wanted to continue building up the system and also..if i wanted to leave it all together

I had already invested in a good amount of lenses and accessories after all

As I mentioned in previous posts, I love researching and accumulating info for my decisions..and that’s exactly what i did

Now do I believe that it did hit its limit? Not really..

The advancements in that type of sensor have me convinced it’s heart still beats very strong and will come with new things very soon

Be that as it may, I decided to take what gear I had put together of Micro 4/3 and take a trip to Adorama for a trade (a very sad trip)

But hey! Who knows? Maybe later in life, I may try out 4/3rds again, but at this time I just can’t justify it in my bag

Once I arrived at Adorama, I already knew what I wanted..

I had been eyeing this one particular camera for years now and the prices have dropped BIG TIME since a version 2 was recently released.
Luckily with all the gear I traded in from my previous 4/3rd set up, I was able to get enough funds for it’s purchase

I got myself a refurbished XPro1 and the fantastic Fuji 23mm F1.4 lens


Now yes I know what you’re thinking..”the Fuji XPro1??”

You may be thinking:


“It’s an old ass camera!”

But alas,Yes the Fujifilm XPro1 (released in March 2012) was something I’ve been lusting after for a long time now

My Current X System Set up

I could go on and on about the COUNTLESS firmware updates that Fuji has put out since this camera first came out..

I could mention how much improved the autofocus is from when it was first released..

The great low light performance from the XTrans sensor..

The AMAZING quality lenses..

But just watch this vid instead 😁

Or just skip over and take my word for it ha ha

I have really sunk my teeth into the XPro1 since I’ve had it and I can tell you without a shadow of doubt, this is a camera that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon

I’m very pleased overall and it fits right into my workflow

  • small and compact
  • great manual controls
  • excellent lens selection
  • light
  • travel friendly
  • quick for my shooting style

As always, I’d like to show you a number of images I’ve taken on and off the streets using the XPro1 with various lenses

If you’re a photography geek (like me) who reads multiple articles about Fuji XTrans and its “film-like” rendering, I can tell you..I believe it to be true

The grain, the look, the feel..I think this camera and the Leica M8 both have that film feel in the rendering WHICH I LOVE

It may be just me but it has an almost magical sense to it’s way of outputting these files..

It’s definitely not film, but seeing something like that in a digital sensor is very cool

I’d like to take a second to speak about how shooting with this camera slowed me down as well

As i mentioned earlier, the camera has gone through a number of firmware updates to improve what was at first a poor attempt at autofocus

Even now, it’s not the fastest

Can you shoot sports with it? Probably. Would i recommend it? Absolutely not

But once you get used to this camera and make it “an extension of your eye” it gets the job done beautifully

My technique was to do 4 four things:

  • Hang around the same area for a while, even sometimes hours at a time, and wait for the moment to arrive
  • Keep the camera at least mid chest level. It’s best to have it ready at all times
  • Slow yourself down, and you will see the rest of the world will also. I think sometimes in Street Photography we are such a rush to get shots that it makes the world seem faster than it really is. Once you slow down you have more time to actually SEE things around you and observe them better
  • Think, like actually take some time just think. Think with your eyes, your hands, your brain, your soul, your heart. Just go out and repeat those words, you’ll see how beneficial they will be to better street photography

It really did work for me, i slowed down..

It’s kind of funny to say that manual focus and rangefinder style of shooting has spoiled me..but in a way it has

Am i crazy? haha maybe

People always say patience is a virtue..well people don’t get any more impatient than ME! But as i’ve stated numerous times before, i’m a student and i study. Here are my observations and what works for me. Go out and find what works for you 🙂

Thank you checking out my post and blog

Feel free to message me with any questions and/or feedback

Keep Shooting and Stay tuned for more articles!


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