Tough Decisions Towards Better Photography

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Good morning, afternoon and evening everyone!

Hope all is well with you all

I have a very interesting circumstance to speak to you about

The first couple of months of this year have been a bit hectic for me

My birthday passed, i took a break from shooting film, i finally got settled in at my new home, moved some stuff around at job and worked on some things with family

And also….sold off all my digital photography gear..


The Leica M8 and I

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Hi everybody,

Recently I had the opportunity to purchase a used Leica M8 for a reasonable price..well…reasonable by Leica body standards, and in pretty good condition too!

I had never shot a digital rangefinder before, I mean aside from a quick tryout at a photo store I pass by frequently, so I decided to purchase this cam and add to the collection 

I am very excited to put this camera through my regular “street walks exercise” that i usually do with my film cameras most of the time.

Now as many of you know, this was Leicas first attempt at delving into the digital it had its fair share of issues.

Developing Color Film in Black and White Developer?

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I’m sure you’ve heard about it, and either found no point in actually trying to get it done or asked questions like “Why would you do that?” “Developing Color Film in Black and White Developer??”

I’m sure people have heard of developing film in other types of chemicals not meant for it.

This being the act of Cross Processing..everyone has different definitions apparently.

When a Camera Takes you Places: Contax T2

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Where i come from, a good friend is hard to come by.

I mean you always have great people who come into and out of your lives that are GREAT acquaintances but good friends? Those are the ones who are with you through thick and thin and always up to the task when you call on them for favors or even to just chat/travel!

My old Contax T2 was in many ways a good friend to me

Performance of my Leica M3 back from CLA

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Words cannot express the happiness i felt when i finally got my Leica M3 back from the great Leica Repairman Youxin Ye.

I set out as soon as i received and went on a tear on the streets that very same day.

Leica M3 - Canon 50mm F1.4 LTM - UltraFine Xtreme 400

Leica M3 – Canon 50mm F1.4 LTM – UltraFine Xtreme 400

How much the Leica M2 Means to Me

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It’s hard to even begin to type out the feelings i developed when I first laid my hands on this camera lol

The Leica M2 is very important to me as it taught me so much about photography and just plain ole figuring out what kind of photographer i wanted to be.

I had always had friends and family who did studio photo work and also within club/dance scenes but i knew i was into something entirely different right away when I chose to pursue photography more..i longed for the type of photography that felt more free and in a way rebellious of what most people think photo taking is about.