DIY Rodinal Part 2

The Streets

My next test for the Homemade Rodinal formula included a bunch of Ilford Delta 400, my Leica M2 and the Summicron 50mm F2 Dual Range 🙂

I have to say i was very excited to view these results as this was the first time i did a full day of street shooting with a certain vision in my mind in a long while.

I had pictured a more gritty type of feel to each picture, even though these images were test shots, i was very happy to see that those images in my mind were being successfully transferred through my hands, into the camera and onto the film

These were all shot using NO METER (aside from my head) in a number of different lighting conditions.


Performance of my Leica M3 back from CLA

featured, Film, The Streets

Words cannot express the happiness i felt when i finally got my Leica M3 back from the great Leica Repairman Youxin Ye.

I set out as soon as i received and went on a tear on the streets that very same day.

Leica M3 - Canon 50mm F1.4 LTM - UltraFine Xtreme 400

Leica M3 – Canon 50mm F1.4 LTM – UltraFine Xtreme 400

How much the Leica M2 Means to Me

featured, Film, The Streets

It’s hard to even begin to type out the feelings i developed when I first laid my hands on this camera lol

The Leica M2 is very important to me as it taught me so much about photography and just plain ole figuring out what kind of photographer i wanted to be.

I had always had friends and family who did studio photo work and also within club/dance scenes but i knew i was into something entirely different right away when I chose to pursue photography more..i longed for the type of photography that felt more free and in a way rebellious of what most people think photo taking is about.