The Kodak / Pakon F135 Scanner

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Hello Everybody, hope all is well

I’ve been busy and studying hard as always (all the while juggling work and life) but it’s great to get back to the blog

As many of you know, i do a lot of film photography work (i prefer it even though i do work with Digital photography as well) and i develop 99% of it at home, mostly 35mm.

After i develop my 35mm rolls, i would always scan them using the Plustek 8200i film scanner and use the Silverfast or Vuescan software to convert them into JPG/Tiff format

This would take a very long time (even though i loved the results!) especially when developing 3-4 rolls at the end of the day, which is often

I began to think about how there may be a faster way of doing this without spending a lot of money on labs or much more expensive scanners..


Event Photography with a “Nifty 50mm” and Canon L 17-40mm

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Hello All,

I Recently had an opportunity to photograph a GREAT event for an organization that i’m a proud member of, the Anti-Injustice Movement

This event occurred in Brooklyn, NYC. At an area that had some of the most AMAZING graffiti i’ve ever seen up close

I was captivated just walking around and looking at all of the great artwork on the walls and streets.

When i was first asked to bring along some equipment, i had to think about how i wanted to shoot and what i wanted to shoot.

Update: Being Busy Isn’t Always an Excuse

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Hello Everyone!

Just wanted to touch base with you all on a number of things i’ve been up to lately.

I’ve had to put a couple projects on hold due to certain things popping up in my life..

I’m the type of person who cannot sit still for too long

So if i’m ever working on a project, best know i’m thinking about 6 others while i’m working on that particular one lol

I know that’s a flaw of mine and trust me i’m doing my best to get that taken care

With that being said, the chaos that is my life usually keeps me busy and off taking care of stuff

But as i’ve been doing these other things, i make sure one thing remains constant…always have a camera with me.

Recent Photoshoot: Yoga and it’s Beauty


Hello everyone, hope everything is going good 🙂

Recently, i was contacted by a good friend to do a photo shoot showcasing Yoga and it’s beauty.

I think i would be doing her and Yoga as a whole a disservice if i didn’t put some info on exactly what Yoga is so you will be seeing some info about Yoga in between a number of the images posted.

Finally!! The Canon A1 vs. Nikon F3

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Ok so I know it feels like it’s been a decade ..but I’ve finally gotten around to getting settled in to my new place and also scanning my newly developed film of the rolls I shot from each camera recently.

For those who didn’t read the previous blog entry, this is in no way a competition to see which camera is better than the other. (I think they’re both amazing)

This is a project I created to see which one I favored more and performed best to fit with my style of street photography.

I used a 50mm focal length lens for each camera and Expired ISO 200 film.

Having color film came in handy especially for when I was out with the Nikon!

Tell you more about that later…

Recent Photoshoot: Canon 6D


Hey Folks,

My apologies for not writing in a bit but been super busy with work and moving to new apartment.

Fortunately tho in the middle of all this insanity, i did have enough free time to do a quick shoot with my sister’s boyfriend.

He had been asking for some help with some shots for flyers and business cards for a long time and my sister called to see if i was available.

He is a pretty famous Club DJ named DJ JR Salsero

Camera Porn of the Day: Rangefinders

Rangefinder Love

Rangefinder Love

Today’s camera porn includes a number of rangefinders that i am LUCKY enough to own. SERIOUSLY!

I consider myself a bit of a maniac at times for having all these lol

I would firstly like to say that sacrifices were made for this to happen and I’m very humbled every time that i look over at my collection.

Choosing between shooting Color or B/W Film

The Streets


So you got your camera ready, you feel inspired and you’re ready to hit the streets and get some really great shots of the city and its people…

All of a sudden, a sudden conundrum appears in your i shooting Color or Black and White today?..Let’s say you’re lucky enough to have a bunch of each and really want to make the right decision!