The Kodak / Pakon F135 Scanner

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Hello Everybody, hope all is well

I’ve been busy and studying hard as always (all the while juggling work and life) but it’s great to get back to the blog

As many of you know, i do a lot of film photography work (i prefer it even though i do work with Digital photography as well) and i develop 99% of it at home, mostly 35mm.

After i develop my 35mm rolls, i would always scan them using the Plustek 8200i film scanner and use the Silverfast or Vuescan software to convert them into JPG/Tiff format

This would take a very long time (even though i loved the results!) especially when developing 3-4 rolls at the end of the day, which is often

I began to think about how there may be a faster way of doing this without spending a lot of money on labs or much more expensive scanners..


Finally!! The Canon A1 vs. Nikon F3

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Ok so I know it feels like it’s been a decade ..but I’ve finally gotten around to getting settled in to my new place and also scanning my newly developed film of the rolls I shot from each camera recently.

For those who didn’t read the previous blog entry, this is in no way a competition to see which camera is better than the other. (I think they’re both amazing)

This is a project I created to see which one I favored more and performed best to fit with my style of street photography.

I used a 50mm focal length lens for each camera and Expired ISO 200 film.

Having color film came in handy especially for when I was out with the Nikon!

Tell you more about that later…