The Leica M8 and I

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Hi everybody,

Recently I had the opportunity to purchase a used Leica M8 for a reasonable price..well…reasonable by Leica body standards, and in pretty good condition too!

I had never shot a digital rangefinder before, I mean aside from a quick tryout at a photo store I pass by frequently, so I decided to purchase this cam and add to the collection 

I am very excited to put this camera through my regular “street walks exercise” that i usually do with my film cameras most of the time.

Now as many of you know, this was Leicas first attempt at delving into the digital it had its fair share of issues.


Inspired to Shoot more Mobile

Digital, Mobile, The Streets

There are many different types of photography, and with that comes many mediums.

It’s very well known by a lot of photographers that a great picture isn’t made by the gear that you purchase. You can spend thousands on gear and still have terrible photos.

It’s the artist, the photographer, the composer that is the one who brings all of the beauty together.

Recently while reading up on photography online, as i do so much of these days lol, i came upon this amazing website: