Bulk Loading and Kentmere 400 Film

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Lately I’ve been watching videos about bulk loading and how much it saves financially for those who shoot 35mm film heavily

I’ve always been interested in loading my own film cartridges, as well as trying out Kentmere 400 film.

I heard it’s very good in low light and can be pushed pretty well (i push to 1600 a lot so i wanted to see it in action)

I placed an order with B&H for a 100ft roll of Kentmere film and about 10 film cartridges. I purchased an AP Bulk Loader from Freestyle Photo, since the video here is using that similar model, and began shooting when i got outside


I then set to inserting the film within the bulk loader and pretty much followed along with this video here

Bulk loader howto from Far Guitar Soul on Vimeo.

After a while i had a couple rolls loaded, inserted one into my M6 and was now ready 🙂

Time to hit the streets

Here are a number of images i chose from the shots i took on that day






A welcomed mistake when developing, i think it adds to the overall image


I used my homemade Rodinal, since i have so much of it, to do the pushing in this scenario.

I diluted 1:100 which is my favorite for stand development

The results were pleasing, it’s similar to Kodak Tri-X in its look and feel

I’m going to try it in some other developers soon, most likely XTOL or HC110, and pick which combo works best

I’ll be sure to post and share

Feel free to ask any questions about this post or any before it.

Enjoy your day folks!


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