The Leica M8 and I

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Hi everybody,

Recently I had the opportunity to purchase a used Leica M8 for a reasonable price..well…reasonable by Leica body standards, and in pretty good condition too!

I had never shot a digital rangefinder before, I mean aside from a quick tryout at a photo store I pass by frequently, so I decided to purchase this cam and add to the collection 

I am very excited to put this camera through my regular “street walks exercise” that i usually do with my film cameras most of the time.

Now as many of you know, this was Leicas first attempt at delving into the digital it had its fair share of issues.

Here is an excerpt from Wikipedia:

The M8 supports all existing Leica M-mount lenses, however some older models might not offer all the functions due to mismatching cams. All lenses are multiplied by a 1.33x crop factor, hence a 28mm lens will act approximately like a 35mm when mounted to the M8.[3] Because the sensor lacks an infrared filter, an IR-cut filter in front of the lens is recommended. In addition, Leica chooses to omit the Anti-Alias filter, citing the reason for higher resolution power of the lens. However, the moiré artifacts can occur in scenes with closely spaced geometric patterns, such as fabric or mesh, distant buildings, balcony railings, corrugated roofing etc.

I must also mention that before I went out and purchased, I did some research into user reviews, first hand experiences and image galleries from others who have used or currently use the M8

I came across this great video:

Any other technical info, feel free to google and research yourselves

I have to admit I really haven’t had much issue with anything (so far!) aside from the crop factor.

When I view the scene through the rangefinder window, sometimes I get rattled a bit because I have to put the crop factor into equation when shooting and composing.

I’m sure I’ll get used to this in due time

I’d like to share some images I recently took with this camera. Of course all tested on the streets 😼

All in all I believe this is a strong camera capable of amazing shots and performance.


I loved the look and feel of these raw files when converted to B&W, the M8 definitely has “character” Especially when coupled with the Voigtlander 50mm f1.5 ASPH


I was told that the M8 was capable of the sharpest images out of all the digital Leica cameras in one of their forums recently also 

Not so sure exactly if that’s true or not but I will say one thing: I don’t see myself parting with this camera anytime soon

I look forward to posting more about this camera and my experiences soon



3 thoughts on “The Leica M8 and I

  1. Great Pictures!!!! Looking to buy a M8 camera. Does the M8 supports all existing Leica M-mount lenses like my M-50mm Summarit and Summicron-C 40mm ?


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