Two Film Formats at Once

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Hello Everyone!

Been a while i know…i’ve been up and down, left and right and all over the place lately.

Felt it was time for a much needed update 🙂

I recently did a shoot with a friend at his apartment to test out a new lens for my Pentax 645n and also to get more used to shooting in low light conditions.

We agreed that we would use one light source only, dimly lit, so when i would push the film there would be more shadow details.

I also decided to bring along my Leica M2, which i haven’t used in a while and was happy to have out with me.

It was kind of interesting having them both in my hands and switching between the two.

Aside from one being loaded with Ilford HP5 and the other loaded with Kodak Tri-X, it was interesting to be able to see the shots differently through each camera.

This actually assisted me and motivated me to continue working with different positions to shoot from and experiment more.

The Leica was able to take shots from areas that the Pentax did not and some others were better fitted for the Pentax to use.

Now i know, i could’ve just did the entire shoot with just one camera but the experience of shooting 120 and 35mm film formats together was definitely one i won’t soon forget…and probably won’t be the last time i do it 😉

I’d like to share my results with you here now, but before i do i would like to mention both were developed at my home with Rodinal dillution at 1:100 for 2 hour stand development

Pentax 645n – Ilford HP5+






Leica M2 – Kodak Tri-X






I’ve been super busy with studies in film and perfecting my development techniques but expect more content in the near future!

Hope all is well with everyone


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