Should I Go Out in Crappy Weather?

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I think we’ve all been there..

You wake up with a special bounce out of bed ready to hit the streets and put in WORK

As you prepare your camera, your film (and/or batteries and SD cards) and your clothing, you look out the window and you see something that will even make some professional photographers sigh in disbelief..BAD WEATHER

Whether it’s snow, rain, hail, etc..

This can suck the wind out of your sails as far as wanting to exit the house

I mean it can also depend on if your equipment has weather sealing as well!

This is exactly what happened to me today

I had my M3 ready and my Ultrafine 400 film (which i just learned the proper process on how to push to 800 ISO) packed up in my bookbag

I stood there in front of my window for what felt like hours (actually 20 minutes) and took one look in the sky.

I instantly began to meter in my head on the settings of what would be good for this type of light condition (cloudy with chance of snow and rain)

I then thought to myself,

“I’m already half way there! I’ve already began to meter and all i need now is to get out on the streets”

So there i went 😉

As soon as i arrived on the streets, reality kinda began to set in

“I can’t sit in the rain and snow with my gear and take shots, i can’t chance getting water on or in this lens or body”

I then began to think of a strategy:

Ok so if i can’t be under the clouds, maybe i can stand under things on the street away from the elements (aside from wind) and set up my shots from there

This was a very good move

I then began to hit the shots i wanted per usual

There happened to be many of these type of things all over the city (or maybe i just never realized they were there before) such as scaffolding from construction, alleyways leading in the street, even door frames that extended enough for someone to fit under

I instantly began to take advantage of these and fire away


Saw some cool moments like people helping each other out with broken umbrellas even though they did not know each other




This type of challenge helped me slow down and think about my shots more

View what subject, or subjects, i wanted to isolate and work on framing what i wanted in the shot







I consider every obstacle to be a learning experience and this was just another that needs to be overcome on the path to being a better photographer

Now of course there are some situations where you just can’t go out.

Ii usually use those times to study and research some of my favorite street photographers.

What are some of your strategies during this type of sitatuion? What do you do on your off time?

Ever had an issue with an obstacle keeping you from hitting the streets?

Can’t wait to hear about any of your experiences

PEACE Everyone!


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