Resolutions for the New Year

Film, The Streets

Happy New Year Everyone

Hope you had a good 2014, and are looking forward to a productive and successful 2015

These last couple months have been very inspirational for me not only from my own work, in my opinion, getting better but also my friend photographers

We push each other and study, we criticize and we practice, I’m actually thinking of starting a collective in Jersey City, where I’m from..but I’ll save that for another time

This new year I plan on working even harder on my work and hitting the streets as much as possible.

I LOVE being in the studio and doing photoshoots, it’s so great and I’m very happy with results but…nothing gives me the sense of accomplishment like Street Photography

The entire process

The shooting
The developing
The printing
The scanning

It’s like breathing for me at this point and I can’t live without it

I’ll be doing it for the rest of my life and just the thought gets me SUPER anxious

Me, a great film camera and some film…hunting those “decisive moments”

Even the historical study and research is something I enjoy

I love watching vids from the greats of Street Photography, for example Joel Meyerowitz

If you haven’t ever heard of Joel Meyerowitz, please check out this video of him out on the streets speaking about his work and philosophy back in 1981 (a year before I was born!)

I watched it while preparing to go out this morning

I may have already posted this video on my blog before lol but hey it’s a great one

I wanted to visit the place where they were standing and chatting and In a way, try to walk in the footsteps of one of the greats and someone I highly respect

I set out to do just that and get the first shots of the New Year







Oh and have I ever mentioned how much I love Fujifilm Superia? Yea..I know I’s not Portra or Ekta or Fuji H..but honestly, some of us can’t afford to get it all the time!





I’ll be working with color film more often 😉

Another effect from studying Meyerowitz’s works I guess

Hope everyone enjoyed the post

Now you get out there and get your first shots of the year!

What are your New Years resolutions?

How are you planning on improving your photography?

Stay tuned for more from this blog this year as well



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