Developing C41 (Color Negative) Film at Home

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Could it really be easier than developing Black and White film?

Ted Forbes from one of my favorite YouTube channels, The Art of Photography, definitely thinks so.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been thinking that the main reason why you don’t hear about more people developing color film at home is due to it being pretty complicated.

After watching this video Ted released recently on the steps taken to mix, make and develop with the chemicals it definitely does not look as difficult as I had first thought!

Here is the video below:

As you may now have figured out, I have made a list of the items needed for me to do this and am now preparing to do this on my own 😉

I’m really excited about this due to the fact it COMPLETELY eliminates the need for me to go elsewhere to get my film developed.

I had always been forced to rely on others to do my color film development, I do my black and white on my own.

Now with this information I can do the entire process of both color and b&w film 😁 AWESOME

Keep an eye out for the results.

I’m looking forward to seeing them myself!

Peace out everyone


3 thoughts on “Developing C41 (Color Negative) Film at Home

  1. My first C41 film (also on my flickr) was perfect – spot on with colours and white balance. After that I processed a half dozen more films at least and they were all off experienced colour shifts. I even bought a new kit and that didn’t really help. Keeping temperatures spot on was very hard in a kitchen sink but I’m pretty sure I managed it. I’ve since decided to stick to B&W.

  2. Alex, like many things, color processing has caveats; like car ownership, it’s not the initial committment, it’s all the accompanying things.

    To do it correctly, one must be willing to do process monitoring and have the equipment. Also, use a “real” kit that contains bleach and fix.

    I applaude you for giving it a go but being a realist about the results.

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