Oh, How I’ve Missed You Tri-X (and Leica M3!)

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At a photography show a couple days ago in Hasbrouk Heights, NJ i found a seller with a couple rolls of Tri-X for a great price.

I decided to purchase some since i haven’t shot it in a long while

I’ve been shooting Ultrafine Xtreme 400 film almost exclusively for months now and decided i wanted to switch it up

As I’ve been watching numerous documentaries on both digital and film photography the feeling of inspiration has had my “trigger” finger ready to hit that shutter button 😉

So i put a day aside to take a number of rolls out with my Leica M3 and 50mm Summicron DR (oh how I’ve missed this combo too!)

What was planned as a casual day where maybe 1-2 rolls were shot ended up being 4-5 rolls lol

I’d like to share these pics with you all but before i do, I’d like to also let everyone in on the way these images were developed

For any people following this blog that have read previous posts, you know that I’m currently in a LOVE AFFAIR with Kodak XTOL.

I cheated on it a bit with Rodinal but at the moment, XTOL is my go-to developer.

On one of my previous posts, i go through the process of making XTOL straight from powder then developing the film shortly after the Stock Developer was finalized. I also showed my results which I thought were pretty good

Once i got home with my rolls of Kodak Tri-X, i decided that i was going to develop them with using XTOL.

But not only would i use XTOL, i decided that i would use it with no dilution whatsoever.

I would be developing these rolls using the XTOL Stock solution that i had made previously directly from the powder without adding water.

You can head over to the Massive Dev Chart for all times used and any other details involved in developing in this manner.

Now without further delay..










I think i just found my favorite combo thus far since i first began to do home development.

Kodak Tri-X with XTOL Stock Solution

The look and feel here are exactly what i was attempting to capture from my time shooting.

For me, it was very important  to take my time.

Judge my positions

Look at the light and meter with my own head (didn’t bring any light meters with me)

Compose and do my best to capture everything in frame

To not disturb what i was shooting



I then ran into a number of NYU students doing a march/protest/die-in for the recent decision on the case of Eric Garner and his death at the hands of the NYPD.






One of my favorite shots of the day

One of my favorite shots of the day











The contrast, the shadow details, the experience

Gotta love film, digital is a great medium also but i have to admit…nothing gets me as excited as the process and the work one puts into film work.

If you’d like to view more of the shots that were taken on this day, please head over to my flickr album located HERE

Shoutout to the other Leica fans/shooters i met on the street on this day as well!

We chatted about our setups, our films and what we liked to shoot

Always a good day when you run into like minded folk

Peace out everyone


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