Sony A7R and Low Light Testing


Hey Folks,

Hope all is well.

For those that have been paying attention to some of my blog posts, you know that alongside my time as a photographer i also moonlight as a musician 😉

I’m also a huge fan of some of my friend’s musical projects, i often ask them to let me be a “fly on the wall” and take pics and videos to document the process of their creations.

Recently, i took a trip to the studio and met up with my good friend/family Raul aka “Just Putt” and my boy, Felix, who also heads Z3Music

I decided to take along my Sony A7R with Canon FD 50mm F1.8 (used with adapter) and chill with the crew

As i got there i noticed that there was not much light in studio.

I instantly thought this would be a great opportunity to test the low light capabilities of the A7R.

Now you know everyone is going nuts about the A7S and it’s low light capability right now.

If you haven’t heard, feel free to google or click this HERE

With that being said, i don’t think that the A7R is a slouch in low light either!

I mean it’s of course not the best, but in my opinion with what I’m expecting when shooting with it in low light situations, it is very nice for me when i view the results.

I’d like to share some of the images i took during my time at the music studio





Wish i could’ve nailed the focus a bit better with this one, but it gave me a very interesting portrait in hallway


I very much liked the look and feel of the lighting and the A7R’s performance (i think also the Canon FD 50mm had something to do with it!)

I got very usable images at up to 6400, and in my work and what i like to see..i think that is just fine

I am in NO WAY saying it can compete with the A7S, but if you are familiar with the ins and outs of the A7R you can make it do some amazing things in low light 🙂


Extra huge shoutout to my brother from another mother Just Putt and Felix Alvarez over at Z3Music.

If you’d like to hear some music from Z3 check out their soundcloud


Peace out everybody!


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