Event Photography with a “Nifty 50mm” and Canon L 17-40mm

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Hello All,

I Recently had an opportunity to photograph a GREAT event for an organization that i’m a proud member of, the Anti-Injustice Movement

This event occurred in Brooklyn, NYC. At an area that had some of the most AMAZING graffiti i’ve ever seen up close

I was captivated just walking around and looking at all of the great artwork on the walls and streets.

When i was first asked to bring along some equipment, i had to think about how i wanted to shoot and what i wanted to shoot.

I also knew there was going to be some video that i will need to film, possibly some interviews. (which meant i needed to bring lenses that i knew I could get close with)

After some days of thinking, i decided to bring my Canon 6D (great low light performance in my opinion and autofocus was pretty good) as well as my trusty Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II (bought for $60!) and i borrowed my brother’s Canon L 17-40mm F4. Neither of which had Image Stablization 😦 but hey screw it, i was going to just “skill it” and get it done without it.

I also knew the capabilities of the 6D’s low light performance from so much time using it.

It’s VERY important to know your gear and to trust it to do what you need it to when out on the field.

You don’t ever want something to go wrong when you NEED it to go right.

I’d like to share some of my favorite pics of the night here with you all

I also brought along a very old (BUT STRONG AND IN GREAT CONDITION) Canon Flash that i purchased with my Canon A1 film camera 🙂

Much to my surprise, it did a great job on my 6D!








Not only was the atmosphere awesome but i saw a number of acts from across the world.

Countries such as Aruba, UK, Scotland, Dominican Republic and others were represented and did so for the sake of a great cause.

Truly an amazing night with great music and messages from everyone










Never miss an opportunity to “Get your Gear Out” like Matt Granger likes to say

It can only make you better at your craft and those moments once missed, won’t be back again.

I take every time i take a picture whether it be with film, digital, mobile phone (digital also) as a learning experience.

The more you get the better you are in the long run.

I’d also like to give a bunch of credit to the great performance of the Canon 50mm.

I don’t think people realize how great of a lens that really is.

Yes it’s cheap, and there are better quality lenses but for the price and the performance it’s a must have.

Especially for people on a budget like me! lol i’ve even used this lens for photo shoots and the results were great.

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekends as much as i did

PEACE and SALUTE My Friends!



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