Photography and its Therapeutic Properties

The Streets

Heyy Everyone,

Hope all has been well with you

I would like to take a moment to speak on something very near and dear to me: Photography and how it’s been able to assist me get through some tough times (and continues to do so)

As the majority of adults in this world know, life can be hectic. It can really effect you mentally and at times get in the way of any enjoyment that you try to achieve.

Keeping yourself mentally healthy is something we all strive for and without that, the body cannot be used at it’s top form.

Growing up as a young kid in Jersey City, NJ i was exposed to a lot of screwed up things and without knowing it, was deeply scarred by some. As i grew into an adult, i began to experience bouts with depression, anxiety, panic and other such health issues..

At times, i even had problems getting up out of bed and just wanted to sleep my life away…

Luckily, i had two great things in my life to keep me from falling down that rabbit Daughter and Photography

The unconditional love of a child has done unimaginable improvements on my issues when she’s around, i cherish every moment.

When she is not around, i am totally enveloped into Photography (studying, learning, shooting, editing, watching, thinking) to learn to be better

I still suffer from some of these issues to this day but i can’t begin to tell you how much help photography really has been.

I mean just look at these


How beautiful are they?? 🙂 A Sony A7R and Leica M6 with Canon 50mm F1.8 LTM

I hit the streets and the stress is gone, the aches and pains of life’s wounds have healed and i’m taking it all in.

This is my street photography philosophy, this is my drive and my inspiration, and as i hope i help the artform..i KNOW it helps me

Comparing Low Light Performance of A7R and X100S

Comparing Low Light Performance of A7R and X100S

Things have been looking up for me lately and even though some days are better than others, i continue to fight on.

I’m not one to give up and plus, i have those that depend on me 😉

Expect a lot more content in the near future, as i have been very busy and appreciate everyone who’s taken the time out to check my site.



4 thoughts on “Photography and its Therapeutic Properties

  1. There is one inevitability about life, life will kill you in the end. On that happy note I leave you something to smile about (hopefully) –
    ted had a tab
    on the back of his head and
    it read “lift then pull” and
    there was an arrow indicating the direction
    the tab should be pulled
    so ted’s friends determined
    it would be a good thing to
    life and pull then
    have a look so
    they did and
    ted’s head opened right up and there was a note
    inside ted’s head that read
    “warranty void if opened.”
    peace and out

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