Update: Being Busy Isn’t Always an Excuse

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Hello Everyone!

Just wanted to touch base with you all on a number of things i’ve been up to lately.

I’ve had to put a couple projects on hold due to certain things popping up in my life..

I’m the type of person who cannot sit still for too long

So if i’m ever working on a project, best know i’m thinking about 6 others while i’m working on that particular one lol

I know that’s a flaw of mine and trust me i’m doing my best to get that taken care of..lol

With that being said, the chaos that is my life usually keeps me busy and off taking care of stuff

But as i’ve been doing these other things, i make sure one thing remains constant…always have a camera with me.

In my personal life (away from this blog) i’m an activist, a musician and community organizer.

I try to help out people as much as i can and uplift my community and open up minds.

I also try to play music as much as i can, it’s been something just as therapeutic as photography 🙂 and i don’t think i’ll ever stop.

I’d like to share some pics of some of the things I’ve been up to lately, and the places that I’ve been

So….like i mentioned before, i’m a musician and i’ve met some of the best people ever through it.

Some of them at times are more like family than friends, and we hang out a lot

Here are some images of some of the coolest musicians you’ll ever meet 🙂 mostly Jersey City, NJ-based, which is where i’m from








That's Me!

That’s Me!

In my opinion, protests and activist organization events have been some of the best testing grounds for cameras, lenses and sharpening one’s photography skills. There is so much going on, you have to be on your toes constantly to really capture it all and tell the correct story with your pics (And also the information a person can receive is MASSIVE, i mean it really opens one’s eyes)

I will admit it has gotten me into some very sticky situations where the only defense i had was the CAMERA IN MY HANDS but i’ll never forget those moments

Here are a number of images i took recently at a protest called #FloodWallStreet










Oh, and you know i GOTTA HIT THE STREETS every so often with some film and a Leica! 🙂

Still got some XTOL left over so i refuse to let it go to waste

From time to time, i take these super long walks around Jersey City and New York City along with my fave combo (Leica M3 and Summicron 50mm F2) it really gives me peace of mind.









Not to mention some of the photoshoots with my boy and his GF during some adventures to my rooftop!





I’ll make this one quick and sweet, you can be a Jack of All trades and live your life.

Even when you’re in the middle of doing a dozen things you can take some time out and keep your skills sharp and take some shots!

Did i mention i’m also raising a beautiful lil girl on top of all these other things?


No excuses people! Now I’ve chosen to leave some stuff out as well..

We all have lives and of course you need to put the camera down every so often but do your best and the results will speak for themselves, i promise you.

Hope everyone is enjoyin their day.

Feel free to comment as well, i know i’ve picked up some followers lately and i’d love to have some convos with you all on my photography, YOUR photography and thoughts on photography as a whole



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