Checking out the Voigtlander VC Meter II with Leica M2


Hi Everyone,

Lately i’ve been reading the back and forth conversations (arguments?) between street photographers and the light meters that they prefer (or if they use one at all!)

Particularly those conversations between people who work almost exclusively with Rangefinders cameras, like the Leica M or Canon 7 for example.

My experience with my Leica M2 (as i have mentioned before) has always been without the use of a light meter.

I guess i just like making things more difficult for myself or i just truly didn’t think i was a real “Leica Shooter” if i didn’t know how to meter in my head when i first purchased.

In a way, i still do feel this way..but i’m not against the use of a Light Meter if one chooses to use one.

There’s NOTHING wrong with someone who wants to use technological advancements to make sure they capture that perfect moment.

That’s really what photography is all about, getting that shot.

So with that being said, i recently got to take the Voigtlander VC Meter II out for a test drive with my Leica M2 🙂

I’ve been using my Leica M6 pretty heavily lately, this has a built in light meter, so i was excited to see how this would differ and which i would prefer when on the streets.

Shortly after I got my hands on it, I attached to my Leica M2 and set out on the streets of New York City

Here are a couple of the results i received upon scanning







For the most part, the meter was pretty accurate!

There were some photos where i thought i would’ve wanted to allow a bit more light as far as aperture..such as this one


I love seeing details within the shadows of certain photos and i believe that maybe the meter didn’t put this into equation when it was metering..or maybe the photo would’ve been completely shitty if i would’ve opened up a bit more lol oh well..

I can’t blame the meter or the camera for my mistakes, but in actuality, i like this image and the way it came out.

Also, i would like to mention..for all those out there who do home development like i do, this item is complete CRAP


If you don’t know what it is, it’s a rubber squeegee. It’s used to help you remove a liquid when preparing to dry your developed rolls.

This particular version will SCRATCH your film before hanging to dry, so for those of you looking at the images closely you can see the scratches across some of the images i just put up.

I can’t explain the frustration of seeing these marks on my images after all of the work i put into them..especially if it’s an image that i believe may have been a KEEPER if it wasn’t for the scratches across it..grrr 😡

I recommended this squeegee if you choose to use one

Sponge Squeege

You can click on it for more details from Adorama

Sorry..just had to mention that for those out there and save you some headaches if you plan on developing at home.

All in all, i enjoyed this meter with my M2 and will most likely be using more often.

THIS ISN’T TO SAY THAT I WILL BE USING ALL THE TIME, but hey i don’t have a problem using a meter even though i think limitations can make you a better photographer in the long run.

I will probably use with my M3 as well from time to time

I’m getting my M6 viewfinder upgraded at moment and had to send it away so these 2 old friends will be getting put to use for sure 🙂

Any else had any good/bad experiences with this meter? Feel free to comment below

I also wanted to share a video from another photographer/youtuber i follow where he speaks on which he prefers.


Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend!




One thought on “Checking out the Voigtlander VC Meter II with Leica M2

  1. Awesome shots! I had this stupid scratch-issue too… Pretty frustrating! I’m probably better use my fingers the next time to get the water of the film as these rubber-instruments fuck everything up 😀 Which scanner are you using! The Results lookin great 🙂

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