Back to the Streets: Leica M6

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If you’ve been paying attention to photography for the past 20 some odd years, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ve heard about the Leica M6.

It’s great performance and feel on the streets have been talked and debated about for years, and in many people’s eyes it’s considered the best Leica.

I will always hold the Leica M2 close to my heart because of how much it taught me and it’s awesome performance, so i believe that will always be my favorite..but this doesn’t take anything away from the M6. It’s an incredible photographic work of art

I’m not here to tell you that it is the best Leica, i definitely don’t even believe i’m even QUALIFIED to make such a bold statement like that.

All i know is that i haven’t been able to get my hands off of this camera ever since i got it.

I carry it with me X100S (Sorry!) will need to understand lol since it’s not been put to use in a while.

So not sure if i put any of the technical details up on the site when i spoke about this camera previously, but here is an excerpt from Wikipedia:

The Leica M6 is a rangefinder camera manufactured by Leica from 1984 to 1998.

The M6 combines the silhouette of the Leica M3 and Leica M4 with a modern, off-the-shutter light meter with no moving parts and LED arrows in the viewfinder. Informally referred to as the M6 “Classic” to distinguish it from the “M6 TTL” models, and to indicate its “Classic” M3 dimensions. The top and bottom plates were made from lighter, cheaper magnesium alloy rather than the heavier machined brass of the M3 and M4. The M6 and M6 TTL are mechanical cameras; all functions save the light meter work without batteries, unlike the succeeding M7, which needs electrical power to operate properly.

I’m really enjoying my time with this camera (built in Meter works great!)

I’m planning on getting the viewfinder upgraded to the Leica MP anti-flare kit as the great Leica specialist Youxin Ye recommended to me recently.

But honestly, the viewfinder on it already is AWESOME so i really haven’t been having any issues with focusing or planning my shots.






By the way, if anyone has any questions on the film being used here. It is Ultrafine Xtreme 400 for the Black and Whites and Portra 400 for the colors.

I think it also needs to be mentioned that i developed these myself in my house with Ilford DDX and Kodak Fixer, and self scanned as well.





I am very happy with a lot of the outcomes.

I have another couple of rolls to work on today as a matter of fact as i prepare myself to mix my own XTOL developer and try my hand using this with the Ultrafine film. (YET ANOTHER PROJECT! 🙂 )

For anyone interested in Rangefinder photography, ANY Leica M will do. It’s all about how you feel and what is best for your style when you’re out on the streets.

Again, this is my opinion and some people will not agree..

Some people hate the Leica M5, some people hate the M7 because of it’s electronic shutter. Some people hate the M3 because it doesn’t have 35mm Framelines. Some people even hate the Leica M8 and M9 because they are digital!

Here is a video from one of my favorite photography youtube posters proclaiming his love for the Leica M5 and why he enjoys it

I use these all as examples just to prove a point..

Don’t listen to those people who keep telling you that this camera is trash or that camera is trash, keep on shooting and doing it for the love.

Your emotion and spirit will carry itself through that camera and through that lens and into that photo.

Like i’ve stated in previous posts, i’m very LUCKY to be able to have cameras such as these in my hands and write about them and post about them..but i know it can all be quickly taken away at the drop of a dime just as quickly as they arrived.

Cherish every moment and enjoy what you’re doing when you hit the streets, or even the studio!

Oh, and also when i said that if you are interested in Rangefinder photography ANY Leica M would do, i didn’t mean that Leicas were the only great rangefinders.

I have a Canon 7 that i LOOOVVVEEE shooting with as well, it’s a great camera and the Canon 50mm LTM lens is an absolutely fantastic lens when mounted on it.

Ok so before i go on a rant about all of that lol….the Leica M6, great camera, great TTL, great meter and i’m seriously having a good time with it.

I hope you guys enjoy the pics and feel inspired to go out and create some of your own.

At the moment, i’m trying to get my hands on an Olympus XA 😉

A great small compact rangefinder that only true camera fanatics go after lol

Feel free to leave some comments below if you have any questions or would like to meet up sometime to shoot if you’re from the NY/NJ area!!

Peace out everybody



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