Recent Photoshoot: Canon 6D


Hey Folks,

My apologies for not writing in a bit but been super busy with work and moving to new apartment.

Fortunately tho in the middle of all this insanity, i did have enough free time to do a quick shoot with my sister’s boyfriend.

He had been asking for some help with some shots for flyers and business cards for a long time and my sister called to see if i was available.

He is a pretty famous Club DJ named DJ JR Salsero

My Sister and her BF at our Studio

My Sister and her BF at our Studio

Firstly, i would like to mention how much better my digital photography has gotten since i began shooting film consistently.

Trust me i’m not tooting my own horn or saying i’m the best ever now but i DEF see the improvement when comparing to some other stuff i’ve done in the past.  I was nowhere near as comfortable as i am now.

We gotta strive to get better and every once in a while just sit back and take notice, it makes one feel good to know hard work pays off.

Aside from the FujiFilm X100S, i rarely shoot digital when i’m on the streets so when you only have 24-36 shots per roll you gotta try a bit harder and be a bit more careful when choosing your shots. (unless you have an abundance of film and just don’t care!) I’ve been shooting with my Leica’s M3 and M6 a lot as of late and have been enjoying them like crazy (Will most likely post about my experience with the Leica M6 soon) but it is nice at times to settle back into the digital realm for a few

Secondly, i’ve noticed how much setting my exposures on the fly when doing street photography differs from working in a studio.

Don’t get me wrong, i actually prefer the randomness and action of the streets but i DEFINITELY believe this has helped when i actually have the chance to set the lighting myself and the time to play with some other camera settings within my Digital cam.

It’s also fun to be able to manipulate the lighting before you take your shots.

Unfortunately, i only had one source of light for this shoot (the other two my brother took with him on vacation) but you will see from the pictures on how you can use what you got for the results you are looking for.

My camera of choice for this shoot being the Canon 6D

I love this camera, i’ve had it for about 2 years now and it’s gained my respect as a digital camera that i know i can rely on to perform whether it be still photography or video.

I also brought these lenses along:

Tamron 70-200mm F2.8 VC II
Sigma 105mm F2.8 Macro
Canon 135mm F2 L
Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II (Nifty Fifty!)

Here are a couple of shots lightly edited in Lightroom:






I really love how the Canon 6D renders Black and Whites.

I found myself shooting primarily in Black and White because i was so used to doing so in Film.

Luckily, i chose to shoot in RAW+JPEG so i would be able to work with the RAW file within Lightroom which gave me the ability to also work on the color version of each shot.



As you can see from the two above shots, i finally got to take advantage of the rooftop of my new apartment.

Being out in the open using natural light as my only light source felt natural as this is what we usually use when doing street photography.

I picked the fire escape ladder because as you can see the reflection looked cool in his shades

I picked the fire escape ladder because as you can see the reflection looked cool in his shades


I take everything in photography as a learning experience, and with perseverance and ambition, a person can craft wonderful imagery and captures of scenery.

Now i pass along these shots over to some other more Photoshop-saavy folks so it can be put on some flyers and text added, but this won’t be the last time i’ll be working within my studio and rooftop 😉

I’d like to also thank my sister for helping out.

At times the DJs shirt would appear wrinkled (and a sharp lens will pick that right up) and she would assist in straightening that out

My sister with her Nikon D3100 - Studio Photographer in Training

My sister with her Nikon D3100 – Studio Photographer in Training

Hope everyone is well, feel free to comment and ask questions.

I will do my best to answer


If you’d like to view the entire Flickr album of the shoot, check it out HERE


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