When a Camera Takes you Places: Contax T2

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Where i come from, a good friend is hard to come by.

I mean you always have great people who come into and out of your lives that are GREAT acquaintances but good friends? Those are the ones who are with you through thick and thin and always up to the task when you call on them for favors or even to just chat/travel!

My old Contax T2 was in many ways a good friend to me

Similar to my previous post about the Ricoh GR1s, this is another camera that took me places i would not have gone to if it wasn’t for it being in my hands.

I wouldn’t have seen the world or certain scenes the way i saw them if it was being viewed through it’s viewfinder.

Well..before i go on, let me get the technical stuff out of the way here (this one taken from Camerapedia:

Released in 1990, The Contax T2 was the second of the Contax T series of high-end compact film cameras targeted at the professional and luxury consumer markets. The Contax T2 was offered in in champagne silver, black and gold plated finishes.

The Contax T2 was renowned for its Carl Zeiss T* multi-coated Sonnar 2.8/38 lens comprising 5 elements in 4 groups and user friendly controls. While it offered full automation, including Autofocus and Program AE, the Contax T2 was one of the most readily user-controllable cameras of its era, featuring Aperture Priority AE selection on a dial on the retracting lens body, and manual focus on a thumb dial. Exposure compensation of +/-2 EV in 1/2 EV steps is controlled by a dial at the top left and the EV compensation is given in a small window. Shutter speed and focus lock confirmation is given in the viewfinder.

Again, i would just like to state that this is just my opinion and with my style of shooting i really did love taking this lil guy out and shooting




Even performed well indoors!




Can’t even begin to tell you the story of how i ended up here lol


The picture i took on my About page was taken with this camera as well…right before i had to make some hard decisions, and get it sold.

I had felt that my time with this “friend” had come to an end and i noticed myself not giving it the attention that it truly deserved.

I decided to take it out a few more times just to bid it a farewell and a thank you for assisting me in my learning of photography.





I’ve heard people speak about it’s Auto Focus issues, and yes i did notice them at times, but my philosophy (at least the one i try to abide by) is to be patient. Let the moment happen, let the picture happen, and don’t rush as much. Beauty is abundant and if you show some patience it’ll all come together for you.

All in all though, i really didn’t have many auto focus issues at all. Guess i had a good copy 😉





Thanks for the memories Contax T2!

P.S. This sort of led to my purchasing of the Contax G1 later on but i’ll save that for another blog posting!

Peace guys


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