Importance of setting goals in Street Photography


I will be the first to admit that i may have an issue with ADD (attention deficit disorder) or anxiety, as well as Obsessive Compulsive (as you can see about how i obsess with photography lol) when it comes to certain things.

To cope with these bouts of EXTREME boredom, and/or just feeling the need to be inspired and keep working, i do my best to think up goals/projects for me to move towards.

Stay busy, stay moving, stay shooting, stay learning,  stay documenting

Soooooo……hence this blog lol

Recently i finally got my hands on a piece of equipment (and of history!) that i’ve been Impatiently waiting to get for a long while..


Leica M6 Imported from Japan – Great Condition! The lens pictured is my Voigtlander 35mm F1.7 Ultron

This first project will of course take place on the streets, armed with some Portra 400 and Ultrafine Xtreme 400, and seeing how this M6 performs and can adapt to my well as vice versa.

I’m particularly interested on the effect the built in Light Meter will have on my hit rate as far as exposure

Now aside from this project, i have another project as secondary that i am going to being working on…well actually, these two go hand in hand…

I will be trying my hand at mixing my own XTOL and developing the b&w film i mentioned before on my own.

Now i’m no stranger to DIY (Do it Yourself) home development but this is the first time i will be mixing my own from powder.

I’m used to using pre-mixed Kodak Developer or Ilford DDX when preparing to develop film.

I’d like to thank Dehk from for sparking my interesting into doing this

Kodak XTOL Powder Developer

Kodak XTOL Powder Developer

I’m looking very much forward to getting out there and reaching these goals

I’m even more excited to see the results and the feeling of completion..the feeling of “i did this, i created this beautiful image, i captured this and even if no one else likes it, it still will mean very much to me”

Thanks again for Dehk for helping me find this project and now it’s time to begin to get to work!


I know some of you have read the Canon A1 vs. Nikon F3 article that was written a while back and are probably thinking “What happened with THAT project?”

THAT IS STILL HAPPENING! lol i have sent out the color rolls to get developed and am just awaiting them to get back 🙂

Expect the part 2 of that post to come soon

Until then, hope all is well with everyone and feel free to post/comment/discuss!

Enjoy the rest of your day guys


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