Performance of my Leica M3 back from CLA

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Words cannot express the happiness i felt when i finally got my Leica M3 back from the great Leica Repairman Youxin Ye.

I set out as soon as i received and went on a tear on the streets that very same day.

Leica M3 - Canon 50mm F1.4 LTM - UltraFine Xtreme 400

Leica M3 – Canon 50mm F1.4 LTM – UltraFine Xtreme 400



God the camera worked beautifully!

I had it coupled with the amazing “Japanese Summillux” Canon 50mm F1.4 LTM (Leica Thread Mount) lens and i was very happy with majority of the results.

I also realized how my metering (metering with my head) is still in training as i noticed i missed the correct exposure for some shots.

I know that as a street hit rate won’t be 100% most of the time..and i guess that goes for a photographer of ANY kind..but dammit if i don’t pour my heart and soul into almost every one!


I instantly felt the difference from shooting with this camera after it was CLA’d (Cleaned, Lubricated and Adjusted)

The viewfinder was so bright! The rewind lever and the conversion from double stroke to single stroke were amazing as well.

It really reminded me of shooting with my Leica M2, which is very similar

I look forward to getting a chance to hit the streets more and really put this camera (AND MYSELF!) to the test

The Leica “mystique” is real and i believe i definitely have caught the bug

I’m in the process of moving into a new apartment so i apologize for the late posts 🙂 expect alot more once i’m settled in and i get my photography studio set up!

Wonderful performance on the streets

Wonderful performance on the streets

Scan-140710-0020 Scan-140710-0023 Scan-140710-0024

As i await the opportunity to go out and shoot i believe it’s important to also study as much as you can.

Google street photography, google manual exposures, check out documentaries, read some tutorials and get on the forums, chop it up with people who may have the same interest (obsession!) that you do!

I can’t explain how fulfilling it is to view the results of my labor but i know that you will feel the same once you have gone out and experienced it for yourself.

Also, and i know this is weird to say since i’m writing this about my Leica M3 (not really cheap) but it isn’t the gear it’s the photographer.

I tend to shoot a lot lately with my IPhone and Android phones as well which i believe is even MORE unobtrusive and non attention getting than these rangefinders.

I may be writing about some of my techniques of shooting mobile street photography soon. Keep a look out for that one!

Enjoy your night ladies and gents


22 thoughts on “Performance of my Leica M3 back from CLA

  1. Lovely pictures, I always want to have a Leica bit I cannot afford it. Works fantastic on street photos.

    1. Hello Sudarshan, Thank you for reading and commenting! I definitely had to do some saving up to purchase it and am lucky to be able to write about it. I owe my addiction to street photography to the Leica M

      1. I have invested all my savings to Nikon and then my interest are shifted towards street. Now I find Nikon D800 is bulky for street and most importantly I grab people’s attention quickly with my cam where Leica definitely has some advantages. All the best buddy, I will keep checking your work now onwards, all the very best. W

      2. Nikon d800 is a great camera! I had a d7100 for a while but ended up selling for a Fujifilm x100s. For bulkier cameras, in my opinion, I’d probably use 70-200mm so I wouldn’t have to get too close..but everyone has their own style. I would keep trying with d800 if I was you, let me know if you’d ever like to sell it 🙂

      3. Nope, I am not selling it though 🙂 I have D90 which I have plan to sell, let me know if you are interested 🙂 Nikon D800 is great camera with 24-70/70-200 for very serious travel shoot. Serious issue with weight – very tough to use constantly for a long time- not a hardcore street material. But, I am still happy for portrait work I am doing with it …

      1. I don’t think it’s bad at all! Just saying, I don’t think it may be as good as say a TriX or Fuji Neopon though. I will try it in XTol and post results. Thanks for tip

      2. I always use powder developers. I never find it difficult to use like some suggested.

        A bag of Xtol makes about 5 Liters in Part A and B, you can do it with water around room temperature (D76 needs a little hotter), I usually mix it in a little designated (mop) bucket, and store them in pop bottles and real squeeze bottles. I say it takes about 15 minutes, Pour some water and part A in, stir until dissolved. Then add more water and pour part B in, stir again. I develop almost every week, so having 5 liters every time is actually an advantage for me.

      3. If possible, use distilled water to mix, I always do, just so they keep the longest, since I have very hard water.

  2. @Dehk, thank you for the idea to mix with XTOL. It gave me great results! I will be using this from now on.

    Please check out my blog entry on my first experience using it when you have a free moment.

    You da man!!

    Thanks again

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