Proclaiming my love for the FujiFilm X100S again lol

The Streets

This is a GREAT camera

It’s been 2 days of intense shooting on the streets.

Switching settings, testing functionality, custom configurations, and seeing what this camera really capable of.

I see now that i was just scratching the surface when i said i had a good grasp on the camera.

Here some images i took recently:

This is such a great camera for street photography.

I can’t stress enough how great rangefinder size cameras are for hitting the streets

After spending some hardcore time with this camera, (carrying it with me everywhere) I’m finding the settings that work best for me with my style of shooting.

I use a high shutter speed since not only are my subjects moving most of the time, but i am as well. A fast shutter would catch movement very well

Since my shutter speed is so high, i chose to open my aperture up quite a bit

Here are the settings I’ve been using on camera:

X100S – Auto ISO – 1/1000th Shutter – F2.8 Aperture

X100S – Auto ISO – 1/1000th Shutter – F4 Aperture

Aside from 1/1000th for the shutter speed and either F2.8 or F4 for Aperture, i mostly use AutoISO.
Sometimes i set the ISO manually to 3200 but it is rare.
The camera does a great job of choosing good ISO settings for you

When using Zone Focusing like i am most of the time, you really need to be precise with how far whatever you’re shooting is at these settings.

I’ve been practicing gauging feet and distance from when i shoot with my Leica M cameras so this felt like something familiar for sure

At F4, you don’t have too much room to nail the focus of your subject but it can be done with practice.

Or just use Autofocus, which is ok and pretty fast but i believe Zone Focusing makes it way quicker for me to get shots off especially when moving around on the streets.

Oh! and by the way, the Macro Mode is pretty good also

 Well I’m about to hit the sack and get some rest
Getting ready for a possible street portrait shoot tomorrow afternoon with a good friend.
Can’t wait for that!
Getting my Canon 6D ready with some great lenses for this also
It’s been a while since i actually did a shoot
Enjoy your night, ladies and gents.

Me and my X100S in that mirror 😉


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