When a Camera Takes you Places: Ricoh GR1s

The Streets

Out of all the cameras that i’ve owned, few of them ever took me places as much as this one.

I know this sounds strange but yea, you’re camera can really inspire you to keep walking and walking and walking…just waiting for inspiration or seeing moments/images EVERYWHERE

I loved this little camera..but recently had to sell it on Ebay and get some new gear..

All i had to do was just load up on film, exit my house, and next thing i know..i’m beneath tunnels, in older Jersey City areas not known to most people, finding new things on the streets and alleys, seeing people i believe i never would see if it not for this camera, or even view things in such a way that i could not if it wasn’t being viewed through the viewfinder of this camera.

Now just to get the technical aspects of this camera out of the way, it’s basically a sort of point and shoot 35mm film camera with aperture priority.

Here are some details from Camerapedia:

Ricoh GR1s is a high end 35mm film autofocus compact camera introduced in 1997 by Ricoh, noteable for its excellent 28mm lens quality. The GR1s is an evolution of the Ricoh GR1 released in 1996. It introduced an illuminated LCD display, two additional coatings on the lens elements and the ability to attach Ricoh filters. The GR1s is virtually indentical in all other aspects.
Its slim profile and light weight diecast magnesium chassis make it an ideal traveller, although it was called a pocket sized camera, you would most probably fit it inside a trench coat pocket than your average shirt pocket. The GR1s came supplied with a lens hood, case and wrist strap.

It really is an amazing lil camera and i recommend highly for those who want sharpness in a small package.

There are a number of modes built into the camera such as spot metering, snap focus and infinity as well.

You will definitely have a good time traveling around with this camera if you are willing to put some time into it.

Here are a few more pix from my travels with it:

Feel free to check my Flickr album with more pix from my time with this lil treasure:


Thanks and Enjoy!


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