Inspired to Shoot more Mobile

Digital, Mobile, The Streets

There are many different types of photography, and with that comes many mediums.

It’s very well known by a lot of photographers that a great picture isn’t made by the gear that you purchase. You can spend thousands on gear and still have terrible photos.

It’s the artist, the photographer, the composer that is the one who brings all of the beauty together.

Recently while reading up on photography online, as i do so much of these days lol, i came upon this amazing website:

Here is a quote from their About page:

Tiny Collective is an international photography collective and agency with contributing members based in New York City Paris Istanbul Toronto Zagreb San Francisco Los Angeles Atlanta Sydney Formed in January of 2012 through a common interest in the innovative character of social photography and a desire to build a combined portfolio of like-minded individuals, TIny Collective continue to develop new photographic work through a mission to propel and explore the new social era of the digital arts. All images on this site have been captured and edited using a mobile phone.

All images taken and edited using mobile phones!
Do yourself a favor and head on over to that site, you will not be disappointed.
These guys are really pushing mobile photography into some great areas and their work is amazing.
I feel the need to point this out to those interested in photography, it’s not what you shoot it’s how you work with what you have.

Do you!

Do it because you love it and because you enjoy it, not because you feel the need to match up or compete with others

Here are some sample shots of my mobile work, i plan on putting aside a day and just bringing my IPhone or Android. I’m lucky to have one of each to work with











So now you guys have no excuses! 😉

Grab your phones and take a walk!


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