Got an X100S!

The Streets

I’ve been awaiting the arrival of this camera for a week. I’m sure the UPS guy was getting annoyed of me continuously asking about it

I am now a (very lucky) proud owner of this awesome camera.

As soon as i got out of work, i set out to the streets and began shooting



My favorite part of this camera is that it is very good at Zone Focus. It kind of takes a while to get used to (mind you i’ve only had the camera for a day) but i think i may have sort of a grasp on it. I’d hate to say it but well as some know..i have a number of Leicas (M2 and M3) and a Canon Rangefinder, and i love those cameras very much. I shoot with them alot, but it kind of reminded me of the feel of the Leica M (it even has custom presents to mimic certain films built in!) I can see how a lot of people may consider this camera a rangefinder but i’m not so sure yet really… All i do know is that i may have fallen back in love with digital for a while and it’s definitely due to my time spent, and will be spending, with this camera


All photos taken in the NY/NJ area.

If you’d like to view full album, please check out here at Flickr Thanks and goodnite!

P.S. Found a great walk through of the X100s and it’s features by the great photographer, the Strobist David Hobby:


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